Media Release

Dr Kum was one of the first few physicians to use the Chocolate Balloon, a revolutionary new balloon designed and manufactured in Singapore to treat peripheral vascular disease. He is quoted on this press release.

Title: QT Vascular initiates Chocolate Cases in Singapore
Source: Rueters UK, PR Newswire
Date: 06 May 2014
Alternate Source: QT Vascular initiates Chocolate cases in Singapore

Title: Sauna leads to 3rd degree burns, amputation of toes
Source: YourHealth, AsiaOne
Date: 21 Sept 2012
Title: New breed of operating theatres allows less invasive surgery
Source: The Straits Times
Date: 29 Mar 2012
Title: New surgery method saving more diabetics from amputation
Source: Mediacorp, Channel 5, News
Date: 19 Mar 2012
Title: Docs get leg-up in saving limbs
Source: The Straits Times
Date: 08 Mar 2012
Title: Shoring up a Weak Vessel
Source: The Straits Times
Date: 01 Mar 2012
Title: New therapy may save diabetics’ limbs
Source: The Straits Times
Date: 06 Apr 2011
Title: Even a small cut can end in amputation
Source: Mind Your Body; The Straits Times
Date: 26 Aug /2010
Title: New lease of life for diabetics with severe leg sores
Source: A Changi General Hospital Newsletter "Caring", Issue 111
Date: Jun - Aug 2010


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