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VERVE / LINC Australia • Dec 2013

VERVE/LINC Australia 2013Dr Kum attended the inaugural VERVE Symposium, an International Meeting of Endovascular Specialists in Sydney 2013. VERVE features discussions on current problems and solutions to Vascular Conditions. Some of the highlights include "Live" case discussions.

Dr Kum is part of the Organizing Committee and also shared his experience with saving Diabetic Legs from Amputation (see link).

Vieth Symposium • Nov 2013

ImmagineDr Kum was invited to speak at Vieth Symposium, a reknowned International Meeting of Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons on Vascular conditions like Varicose Veins, Carotid Disease, Diabetic Foot Conditions as well as aneurysms.

He shared his experience with Percutaneus Deep Venous Arteriolisation, a novel way to improve blood supply to the Diabetic Foot which may offer patients, who have failed all endovascular and bypass options, some hope of saving them from amputations. This technique is still investigational.

14th Congress of the Asian Society for Vascular Surgey (ASVS) • 26-29 Oct 2013 • Istanbul, Turkey

Dr Steven Kum travelled to Istanbul, Turkey 26-29 Oct 2013 to as part of the contingent of Singapore doctors participating in the 14th Congress of the Asian Society for Vascular Surgey (ASVS). He was invited to speak about "Drug Eluting Balloons in Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI)".

Here he outlined his strategies in utilizing this new tool in treating diabetic patients with leg wounds and gangrene. Singapore will play host to other Asian countries in the 2016 ASVS meeting

14th Congress of the Asian Society for Vascular SurgeyASVS speaker, Steven Kum

College of Surgeons Singapore • Oct 2013 • Singapore

Dr Steven Kum was invited by the College of Surgeons Singapore to in Oct 2013 share his experience with fellow surgeons on the "Endovascular Strategies in treating Below the Knee vessels" in Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI).

CLI is the most severe form of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and manifest as Gangrene or Non-healing Wounds especially in Diabetic Foot Wounds. Minimally invasive techniques in Angioplasty are often the first choice (but not the only choice) of method used to open up the blood vessel.

In his talk, he shared on the philosophy as well as techniques in achieving good clinical and procedural success, emphasizing also on meticulous wound care. Dr Kum is a regional clinical proctor for several Endovascular companies like Medtronic, Abbott Vascular, Cook and Straub Medical.

Steven Kum, College of Surgeons Singapore

Taiwan Society of Vascular Surgeons Annual Meeting • Sept 2013 • Taiwan

Dr Kum was invited by the Taiwan Society of Vascular Surgeons during their annual meeting 21-22 Sep 2013, to present his experience with the Rotarex Mechanical Thrombectomy Device. This is a minimally invasive device to remove blood clots in patients with occluded blood vessels.

As a regional proctor for Straub Medical, he delivered a talk on the Singapore experience as well as the tips and tricks on how to achieve procedural success. He also engaged in informal discussions with several physicians keen to learn about the device.

Taiwan Society of Vascular SurgeonsTaiwan Society of Vascular SurgeonsTaiwan Society of Vascular Surgeons

Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Conditions • Aug 2013 • Singapore

Dr Tan Yih Kai, Dr Kum and Ms Jessie Phua were invited by Hougang Constituency to give a public awareness talk on the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Conditions.

Together with Dr Foo Joo Pin, an Diabetic Specialist and in collaboration with Mercy Community Care, they delivered talks, took questions and did face to face consultations on Diabetic Foot conditions. The educational event was kindly sponsored by Medtronic, an Endovascular Company.

Straub Medica, Workshop For Regional Doctors • July 2013 • Singapore

Dr Kum was invited by Straub Medical, a Endovascular company , to run a workshop for regional doctors. Dr Kum is a regional expert and clinical proctor on the use of the Rotarex Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy device which allows physicians to use a minimally invasive technique to extract blood clots out of blocked blood vessels.

This workshop was conducted together with his close friend Dr Sven Braunlich from Leipzig Germany. Together, they demonstrated the use of the device on 4 patients with excellent results in front of a live audience of more than 10 doctors from around the region. Dr Kum also delivered a dinner talk on his experience with using such devices to treat blood clots in arteries and veins.


Medtronic, Therapy Certification Centre of Excellence (TCCE)
• July 2013 • Bangkok, Thailand

Dr Kum was invited by Medtronic and travelled to Bangkok to meet with fellow physicians in the region. As one of the founding Faculty Member of the Therapy Certification Centre of Excellence (TCCE), they discussed ways to continue the education of regional doctors in Endovascular Procedures.

The TCCE was set up to identify regional centers that not only excelled clinically but were also strongly committed to the training of fellow doctors. Here, he was presented with a certificate by Professor Frans Moll from Netherlands for the appointment as a Faculty Member.

Medtronics TCCE

Prof Fran MollDr Sven Braunlich
Dr Steven Kum
minimally invasive technique

Medtronic, Sharing Experience • June 2013 • Singapore

Dr Kum was invited by Medtronic to give a talk to several key Radiologist in Korea on his experience with Drug Eluting Balloons (DEBs) for the treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease (narrowed arteries) in patients with Diabetic Foot Conditions.

This was done via Teleconference from the Medtronic HQ in Singapore. Audiences engaged in a lively discussion and were impressed with the results of DEB's.

Drug Eluting Balloons

Samsung Medical centre vascular symposium • 10 - 11 May 2013 • Korea

Steven Kum was invited to Korea by professor Kim chief of the division of Vascular Surgery of Samsung Medical centre. There, he was one of several international experts who delivered several lecturers. He shared his experience with drug eluting balloons in Singapore and also proctored several doctors in complex endovascular cases.

Samsung Medical CentreKorea Doctors


The 11th Annual IVC • 2-5 May 2013 • Fontainebleau Miami Beach, FL

Dr TAN attended the International Venous Congress in Miami on 2 -5 May 2013. This is an important annual international meeting where venous specialists from countries worldwide gather to present and share their latest research evidence on the management of venous diseases especially varicose veins. This is also a meeting where medical product companies will gather to showcase their latest or future products. These included laser / radio frequency devices for treatment of varicose veins and spider veins, compression stockings, ultrasound scanners, database management systems and surgical equipments.

Treatment of varicose veins has evolved significantly over the last 15 years from surgical stripping to minimally invasive endovenous ablation of vein using laser / radio frequency ie using heat to seal the targeted veins. These minimally invasive treatment techniques have continued to evolve over the years. Varicose veins can now be treated with a more simple and less painful technique called endovenous mechanochemical ablation (Clarivein). This technique does not use heat and is associated with no risk of nerve injury.

In endovenous mechanochemical ablation, a tube with a rotating hollow wire at its tip is inserted into the affected vein in the leg. As the tube is pulled back out of the vein, the wire is rotated, damaging the lining of the vein. At the same time, a chemical (sclerosant) is injected through the hollow wire into the vein. This causes the vein to become inflamed , then shrivel and close.

A new technique using medical glue to seal a targeted vein ( Vena Seal Sapheon Closure System). Its short term results have been shown to be comparable to those methods using thermal ablation ( ie Radiofrequency ablation and Laser Ablation ). Its longer term results will be reported soon. This technique uses a specially designed catheter to deliver the glue to close the abnormal veins. Compression stockings after treatment is not required in majority of patients.


Dt Tan at IVC 2013

Diabetic Foot Public Symposium • 13 April 2013 • Singapore

Dr Steven Kum, Dr Tan Yih Kai, Jessie Phua from NVVVC together with Dr Kevin Tan, (Endocrinologist), Dr Choo Chee Yong (Pain Specialist) share their wealth of knowledge and expert advice on the various treatment options available to salvage a diabetic foot.

After the presentations and Q&A session, participants proceeded to have their foot check and foot care advice by diabetic foot trained nurses. Non diabetic participants were grouped together and general foot advice was also given. Goodie bags and sumptuous tea break added more flavour to the health event.

This event was organized by Mercy Community Care and supported by Novena Vascular & Variscose Vein Center, Mt.Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Medtronic Pte Ltd and KCI Medical Pte Ltd.

sympoisum crowd

LINC Asia Pacific 2013 • 18-20 March 2013 • Hong Kong

Dr Steven Kum recently returned from Hong Kong from LINC Asia Pacific 2013, a major interventional conference covering aortic aneurysms and peripheral vascular disease.

He was invited as part of the Guest Faculty where he delivered several talks and also presided and chaired several sessions.




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